Sri Lanka branch ​ ​ 30th Annual Awards Ceremony held on 22nd March 2024

Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2024

ICS Sri Lanka Branch had its 30th Annual Awards Ceremony on 22nd March 2024 at Cinnamon Lakeside, Colombo. The awards ceremony was to recognize the students who successfully cleared the ICS examinations in May & November 2023 examinations and to award the certificates and membership.

The pinnacle of the awards ceremony was "Customer Service Awards 2023" to recognize the best main line operator, NVOCC operator and container depot. The survey was carried out by an independent survey company amongst the customers in the above three categories who were evaluated based on a set of questionnaires

Chief guest for the occasion was Secretary to the Ministry of Ports, Shipping & Aviation Mr. K D S Ruwanchandrawhile the Guest of Honourwas Mr. Keith Bernard, Chairman, Sri Lanka Ports Authority.
Keynote speaker was Mr. Krishnan Subramaniam FICS, International Vice Chairman, ICS UK while the special guest was Ms. Sarah Welsh, Regional Export Control and Boarder Security Advisors at US Embassy in Colombo.

The elite of the Sri Lankan shipping community from CEO, MD to Senior Managers, management of Sri Lanka Ports Authority and the Ministry of Shipping were in the audience besides the award winners.

Summary of the speeches…….

The Chief Guest highlighted the port development that is taking place and the opportunities that would create for the maritime sector.

Guest of Honour, Port Chairman gave a brief description of the developments that is taking place and the future development plans for each of the port in Sri Lanka.

Keynote speaker, MrKrishnan Subramaniam highlighted the importance of education. He emphasized that in the first 10 years of commencing one's working career, one should have done a field / operations job rather than being confined to a desk job.

The special Guest, Mrs. Welsh, informed the shipping community of the importance of proper declaration of cargo onboard and that are work carried out by the border security in detecting contraband cargo