Cyprus branch Charity Event: Hiking For A Cause

Posted on Sunday, May 19, 2019

Cyprus Branch Committee decided to change the form of Charity for the 2019; making it more of a challenge. Therefore, it was unilaterally agreed to combine it with an outdoor event, leading us to organize a Hiking on the Cypriot mountainy region of Troodos.


More than 40 people signed up and met on the start of the Artemis Trail. After the information and guidance provided by the Volunteers Firemen of the World (FOTW), the hikers started their hiking challenge, managing to reach the end of the Trail in less than 3 hours.


We all enjoyed the sunny weather of Mediterranean and were astonished by the beauty of Cyprus' nature; which is more than its sea and beaches.  To celebrate the day, we visited a nearby village of Koilani and enjoyed local Mezes and Souvlaki. The Institute Hikers took many photos and had fun throughout the process and all promised to attend next years hiking event.


Without the support of the Sub-Committee Team, we would not be able to organize this event; ensuring that our younger members are active participants and supporters of our events. Cyprus Branch would also like to thank warmly, the sponsors Intersport & KEAN, and Volunteers FOTW for their support.


Looking forward for International Members to join us in 'Hiking For A Cause 2020'.


Fb link for photos: https://m.facebook.com/events/423040511840724?view=permalink&id=439099353568173