A great maritime day in Fremantle, Australia with 90 organisations taking part.

Posted on Monday, November 21, 2022

The ICS ANZ Branch participated in the Fremantle World Maritime Day, held in the Port of Fremantle, WA on Saturday 29th October 2022.


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Established in 2009, this event brings together the maritime industry and invites all age groups to learn about this vibrant industry of ours. It is a free for all event and wider community members visit this event in large numbers.

Around 90 organisations took part during this year's event, amongst whom were government bodies, safety regulators, service providers, and educational institutes like us.  Several Branch members supported ICS's participation in organising and manning the stand for our branch at the event.

The promotion material by the way of magazines and flyers were sent by our London Headquarters. The Participants included Pia Van Wyngaard, Tony Pegum, Matthew Neal and Munaf Shaikh, and we would like to thank their contribution towards our cause.

Our branch volunteers took the opportunity to introduce the benefits of t he ICS membership, educational benefits and engaged with authorities as well as community to spread the knowledge about our commitment to excellence in shipping.

We look forward to returning next year with a renewed purpose to promote education and importance of knowledge sharing amongst members.

ICS AUS-NZ Fremantle event October 2022