London & South East Branch busy with education!

Posted on Friday, January 24, 2020

The London & South East Branch has a range of exciting events for both students and members throughout the year.  The main events are social and networking, as well as several education events to support students preparing for PQE exams and professional development for members.

London & South East Branch hosts revision evenings every year in April and October before the Institute's annual exams.  The evenings comprise three sessions: the first is a talk on preparing for revision and exam techniques, the second helps students to find recent information on shipping business and, in the third session, the students split into subject groups and pose questions to Members and Fellows of the Branch.  It has always been a popular event since 2003 and provides much inspiration and support for our students undertaking PQEs.  We also assist the Singapore Branch with their Revision evenings.

The Branch calendar continues to provide other education evening seminars throughout this year, starting with a talk on China's Seaborne trade as a joint event with East Anglia Branch, followed by a seminar on INCOTERMS 2020 and e-bills of lading with blockchain at Cass Business School, with which we have a regular and strong connection. We also hold joint events with the Nautical Institute on HMQ Wellington. Our Members are thereby kept up to date with current affairs and those who need to complete continued professional development have the opportunity to do so through their membership of the Institute. We can therefore also reach many others who are not (yet) Members.


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