Inaugural Members Only Webinar sets the bar high!

Posted on Friday, July 30, 2021

As part of the strategy to add continuous value to members, the Membership Committee has initiated a series of webinars exclusive for members and registered students focussing on life / business / soft skills. The first webinar conducted on 28th July was a grand success with tremendous value for those attending.


The topic of 'Entrepreneurial mindset - Paths to develop and enhance' was deftly delivered by a panel of 3 experts led by Mr. Thomas Gregory FICS, who is a successful entrepreneur in the field of logistics and associated with the Middle East branch. He has been on the branch committee as Treasurer and a volunteer tutor for Institute students. The 60-minute session was really absorbing keeping the attendees glued to their seats and was full of life experiences, words of wisdoms and tools to implement some of the basic, yet important habits essential for success. The expertise of the other two speakers, Mr. Philip Mazloumian and Mr. Muneer Samnani in the field of business coaching was evident in the tools and tips shared by them, which would be beneficial not only for entrepreneurs, but also for all professionals.


The session was opened with a welcome address by Ms. Gertrude Ohene-Asienim FICS, Chairman of the Membership Committee followed by the inaugural address by Mr. Robert Hill FICS, Director of the Institute. Close to 200 members attended the session which was full of engaging polls as well as the Q&A session.



The ideation for the session, selection of speakers and execution was coordinated by Mr. Krishnan Subramaniam FICS, Vice Chairman of the Membership Committee and immediate past President of the Middle East branch. The event was managed by the Middle East branch on their zoom platform with a high level of expertise and professionalism and we express our thanks to Mr. Krishna Prasad FICS, President of the Middle East branch and his team for their voluntary support in flawless execution.


The session was concluded with a summary and vote of thanks to all involved by Mr. Robert Hill FICS. A special word of appreciation to Ms. Samantha Porter who toiled at the head office with prompt attention to all matters in the background including members communication and social media posts.


The topics intended for the upcoming webinars include Accounting for Non-Accountants, Personal Branding, and Effective Presentation and Public Speaking skills. We hope that these webinars will be of immense value to the members, including the registered students of the Institute. We welcome suggestions from Members on topics as well as speakers for the webinars.