Greece Branch - Traditional Pitta Cutting

Posted on Thursday, January 26, 2017

On Thursday 26th January, the Greece branch had its Traditional Pie Cutting on the occasion of the New Year celebration.

Over 80 Greece branch members attended the event which was held at Pirée Venue in Piraeus. It was a great event, where members, administration and friends of the branch enjoyed the warm atmosphere in the cozy environment as well as the good food and drinks.

The lucky winners of "the flouri" (lucky coin on the pie) were Theodora Leka MICS and Natalia Margioli FICS.

photo 1

photo 3

Simon Ward FICS, Petros Kefalonitis MICS, Theodora Leka MICS, Natalia Margioli FICS, Bilio Papali, Tania Hatzipartali, Stavroula Tape MICS, Georgia Simiakaki FICS, Capt John Kechagias FICS

photo 4.2

Natalia Margioli FICS, Branch Vice Chair welcomes the participants