Gillian Clark FICS a no ordinary Chair...

Posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Gillian Clark FICS ICS North East Branch Chair

"The shipping industry is the world's best kept secret. It exists in every part of the world and hosts a vast range of people and roles."

Ahead of International Women's Day (08 March 2022), we catch up with the energetic Gillian Clark, current Chair of the ICS North East of England branch, Senior Executive for a P&I club and ultra-marathon runner in aid of her branch!

Before we begin, it needs to be said that Gillian is no ordinary Chair. Last year, in order to raise funds for her branch, she embarked on a strict training regime to undertake an ultra marathon. This involved running over two days from Carlisle to Newcastle a distance of 70, yes SEVENTY, miles over rough terrain through the Lake District.

Gillian raised a total of £1240, which she kindly donated to the branch. Her branch members, her fellow committee members, and the entire Institute would like to say well done and thank you, Gillian!

Let's begin…

Gillian Clark text 1

What is your current job/role? Is every day the same?

My job title is Senior Executive (Claims) - I am a claims handler and adjustor for a P&I Club, specialising mainly in cargo matters and with a specific focus on containers. No, every day is not the same - far from it. You never know how the day has been planned for you!

I am also Chair of the ICS NEE branch.

What do you enjoy about this job? Does it excite you?

100%. There is never a day that passes that I do not learn something new. You can never predict what that will be though.

How does what you do fit into the overall shipping picture/landscape?

We offer not just conventional insurance but also advice, guidance and support to shipowners and get involved in all types of matters on behalf of our members throughout the world.

Gillian Clark text 2

How has the ICS experience helped you to get where you are today?

Undertaking the PQEs gave me a broad understanding of more practical elements of shipping which complemented my University study well. Also, because the nature of our business is worldwide being involved with the ICS post-PQE has allowed me to get involved in local industry, to better understand my local area and to be able to support them.

As Chair of my branch, I am fortunate to be able to see first-hand how our students benefit from the education we offer, both as a branch and globally, and the impact that this has on local industry.

I am also now becoming involved with the Mission to Seafarers and - hopefully - will soon begin ship visiting with them, something I would never have been involved with had I not been a part of the ICS.

Finally, I have had a lot of advice and support from some of the most amazing people with such brilliant shipping brains - we are a wonderful team, and I am so glad to be a part of that.

What piece of advice would you give to those thinking about studying with the ICS?

Do it! The maritime industry is an amazing one to be part of and studying with the ICS will give you one of the best footings to join us, or to improve your position within it. You will become part of a fantastic team that all share a genuine passion for shipping and all of its components.

What is the best thing about the shipping/maritime industry, in your opinion?

The variety. I honestly cannot even imagine having a job that brings me so much diversity day to day. Yes, it drives me mad sometimes, but I would never change it. It will never be boring!

Last words…..

The shipping industry is the world's best kept secret. It exists in every part of the world and hosts a vast range of people and roles. To be a part of that is amazing.


If you are inspired by Gillian and would like to embark on a shipping study programme with the Institute, don't hesitate to contact us today: T +44 (0)20 7357 9722 | E education@ics.org.uk | W www.ics.org.uk