Company membership

Any company worldwide that meets the criteria may apply to be a Company Member of the Institute.

Companies can become corporate members if they have at least one senior member of staff qualified to Fellow (FICS) or Member (MICS) status. They must be of good financial standing and have in place appropriate P&I liability insurance.

They also have to be able to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Controlling Council that they are actively involved in the business or profession of shipbroking, liner or port agency, or management.


Companies with no qualified members of staff can become affiliated members for five years, by which time they must have at least one senior member of staff qualified as a Member (MICS).

Applications for Company Membership must be made on the appropriate forms, available on request from the Institute office and submitted together with the required supporting documentation. The application will be submitted to the Federation and Controlling Council for final approval.

"Being a member of the Institute gives staff and trainees access to proper education, which in turn will allow them to participate and influence trade and policy decisions for the future" - Clarkson Brothers Shipping.

For further info please contact us at: federation@ics.org.uk