Baltic Exchange and Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers Lectures

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For the fourth year the Baltic Exchange and Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers present a series of lectures intended to support and develop those working in chartering and operations.

Taking place every other month and including lunch where appropriate, lectures are free to employees at Baltic and ICS member companies.

The series is aimed at supporting those developing careers in shipping and encouraging better advocacy across a future generation of industry leaders and is supported by all the major broking houses and a wide cross-section of principals.

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Baltic Exchange and Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers lectures restart in September 2020 with a new format to benefit all our Members worldwide.


We are delighted to announce the restart of our Baltic Exchange and Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers lectures in September. We are incredibly proud that this series has now reached the fourth cycle and both organisations were keen to continue with this project as we see the interest of hundreds of members for each of our dates.

We are also thrilled to report that in some locations, the local maritime groups of young shipping professionals have offered their support to our series, and are excited to sign up selected groups of their own members. This curiosity from groups of younger maritime people shows us the usefulness of these lectures, as long as we ensure we protect these as part of our benefits to members.

Do you have local maritime groups that might want to be part of promoting these lectures, and in exchange be able to register a limited group of their members and employers to attend?

Please see below the dates and topics that we are willing to arrange for our members.

16 September 2020

How the Digital Revolution is affecting shipping markets; what's in store


25 November 2020

Market Cycles and forecasting


10 February 2021

Maritime Markets and Arbitration


12 May 2021

The S&P today: what, where, who and how


09 June 2021




At the end of last cycle of lectures, as you will remember, we had to move our events online. We received good feedback and therefore we are confident that this new formula will still constitute a viable alternative, till we are able to resume our traditional face-to-face sessions.

So, looking ahead to the next series of lectures, and on the basis that they will be online, we want to suggest a way of pooling our resources and speakers together for the next lectures and co-host these with other centres.

On each chosen date for every session, we will be running two sessions worldwide (and no longer one for every centre); one lecture for the Asia-Pacific region and one for the EMEA region.

In this way, all our Members worldwide will have the option to join any of the two lectures, choosing the preferred one according to the more suitable time.

We look forward to welcoming you at the next lecture.


For more info about the series please feel free to email Eleonora Modde: e.modde@ics.org.uk