ICS Educational Fund

ICS Educational Fund

The Trust was formed in 1978 and is a separate legal entity from the ICS. The fund is adminitered by the Committee which consists of five ex-0fficio members who are elected at its AGM as Trustees to serve for a period of 12 months. In addition, up to five co-opted members can hold office until the end of the AGM following their co-option.

The Trust is governed by a Declaration of Trust dated 1978 and is registered with the UK Charity Commissioners.

The principal objectives as contained in the Declaration of Trust are:

  • To promote the education of persons in the business of shipping
  • To promote the maintenance of any school or faculty providing education in relation to the business of shipping
  • To provide scholarships for further education of persons wishing to pursue a career in the business of shipping
  • To provide lectures and films of an educational character in relation to making a career in the business of shipping
  • To do all such other charitable things as are necessary for the attainment of all of the above objects or any one of them

The Trust has supported causes including: the funding and setting up of a number of Branch libraries worldwide; financial support for less privileged students in SE Asia; the President's annual prize for the most outstanding student of the year; and the Gordon Baldwin dissertation award.

In recognition of the Institute's Centenary in 2011, it was agreed that the Trust should adopt a more proactive position. It set some ambitious objectives for the short and medium term which will require large fundraising projects.

Success in raising sufficient funds will allow the Trust to fund these projects:

  • Centenary award of ICS Educational Fund Scholarship(s)
  • Support for two places each year at the PREP held at Warwick University
  • Creation of a Learning Resource Centre for the Shipping community (in collaboration with other organisations)
  • Expansion of the "Friends of the ICS" initiative

These are in addition to the two awards already established and noted above. Meeting these ambitious plans will need strong financial support from the shipping industry as well as fundraising support at Branch level. In order to move the process forward, the Trustees have already created a working group.

The success of these projects will help to raise the profile of the Institute significantly and your support will be greatly appreciated.

Donate today to support the work of the Education Fund. For more information on how to donate, please contact us on e.fund@ics.org.uk