ICS Cyprus branch celebrates 25th anniversary

Posted on Friday, October 7, 2022

ICS Cyprus Branch organised a fabulous event to mark the 25th anniversary of the branch foundation.

The event enjoyed excellent attendance, not only by members of the Cyprus Branch but also by distinguished guests from the Deputy Ministry of Shipping, Limassol Municipality, local universities and colleagues promoting PQEs studies, auditors, lawyers, tax consultants and other shipping professionals.

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The Chair of the Branch Mrs Christina Christoforou FICS welcomed the Honourable Director of the Deputy Shipping Ministry, Mr. Ioanni Typaldos and the Honourable Deputy Mayor of Limassol, Mr. Neofytos Charalambides to the special event organised to celebrate the Silver Anniversary of the Branch.

She also warmely thanked all Members in the branch present and absent.

"I know that you are all here with your thoughts and your heart! Because we all one like a huge sea wave! So, I feel that you all surrounding us even if you are miles away! We should continue like this and move on to the future together like a strong punch. United we can achieve things that could be considered impossible! Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much!"

Then she reminded the guests how it all began: "... as you may know, ICS Cyprus Branch was started by a very small group of dedicated members and established in 1996 in Limassol. We should all appreciate the efforts of those Members who had vision for our Branch and its future generations! I congratulate them from the bottom of my heart for what they have done and they still do for this Branch. Without their continuous support our Branch could not expand and stay strong all over these years!"

The Branch grew over the years and is today one of the most active in the Institute.

"The growth of our Branch was impressive since its establishment. Currently ICS Cyprus Branch has 59 Active Fellows, 105 Active Members, 7 Retired and 4 Life Members. The Branch provides a focal point where members experience a sense of belonging, promote all aspects of the Institute and have as a group an influence on local shipping matters, stimulating local community interest and trade recognition."

Over the years the Cyprus Branch has established excellent links with the local shipping community as well as the relevant state departments and the maritime bodies and associations located on the island. The chair mentioned that since "March 2022 our Branch has become a Domestic Associate Member of the Cyprus Shipping Chamber in Type of Business: Education & Training Activities. We would like to thank the Management and especially Mr. Thomas Kazakos and Mr. Alex Josephides as well as the rest staff of the Cyprus Shipping Chamber for the excellent cooperation and support all these years in the running of the Understanding Shipping Course."

Christina also paid tribute to the late Edcuation Officer of the Branch, Ben Casey. She had the most warm words for him recalling how Ben was a very close friend, a person who inspired her and always stood by her side until the very last moments of his life.

"In his eyes I was always the little kid who has entered the doors of CSC in 1994 when I took the scholarship for the professional qualification exams and knocked his office door asking to take my seat for the weekly study session!  I shall keep him in my mind and my heart and I am sure hundreds of students whom he has helped over all the years will do the same."

"The branch achieved many things by working hard all these years and with dedication to our cause which is to offer high education to every single student who registers for ICS courses. Above all we are people with ethics and care for each other and for our students who will become the future Members of ICS!"

Last but not least, the Chair thanked her team: the Branch Vice Chairman Mr. Stavros Fokas Kavalierakis, the Branch Secretary Mr. Alex Damaskinos, the Education Officer Mr. Costas Silitziotis and the Treasurer Mr. Andreas Papachristophorou. And the the Committee has been supported by a very strong and enthusiastic sub-committee team consisted by mainly women! Mrs. Julia Stylianou - Assistant Secretary, Mrs. Evita Dianellou - Events Officer, Mrs. Stella Mavromatis - Assistant Education Officer & Understanding Shipping Course Administrator, Mrs. Nafsika Thaleia Karantza - Assistant Education Officer & Social Media Officer, Mrs. Elena Schiza - Social Media Officer, Mrs. Michaella Stavrou - Assistant Treasurer Officer, Mr. Mihail Konoplev - Marketing Officer.

Finally the Chair thanked the former Chairman Mr. Yiannis Shittas who continues to patiently support the current Branch committee.