Meeting the challenges for an African Maritime Economy

Posted on Monday, August 12, 2013 and tagged as ICS branch news

Meeting the challenges for an African Maritime Economy

A report from the South Africa Branch Seminar

A joint two-day seminar held in Cape Town on 4-5th April 2013 by The Nautical Institute, The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, the Maritime Law Association of  South Africa (SA), the SA Institute of Marine Engineers and Naval Architects and The Society of Master Mariners looked at the way forward for the African maritime economy.

The seminar was, to an extent, a follow up to the successful SA Maritime Industry Conference (SAMIC) convened by the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) in Cape Town last year.  Perhaps its most positive aspect was that the broad representation of professional bodies participating allowed reflection not only of where SA needs to go to take full advantage of opportunities waiting for the maritime industry yet to embrace, but also to reflect with some satisfaction on the current state of the industry.  The seminar showed that, contrary to the current more pessimistic views expressed about the industry, SA indeed has a vibrant and successful maritime community most of whom are doing their best to build business in the current difficult world economic market.

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