ICS East India Branch Conducted Seminar on Arbitration & Mediation in Shipping

Posted on Saturday, April 5, 2014 and tagged as ICS branch news, Events


The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, East India Branch conducted it's Seminar on Arbitration & Mediation in Shipping on 05thApril 2014 at Ramada Chennai, India.


From left to right: Ms Uma Ramanathan, Capt. Venkat, FICS (Chairman ICS), Justice Mr M Jaichandren, High Court of Madras (Chief Guest), Mr Tony Swinnerton (Guest of Honour), Lawyer (UK) and Mr A J Jawad.

Mr Ravee Tittei, FICS (Treasurer) was master of ceremonies and introduced the Chief Guest, Guest of Honour , Panelists and others.

Capt. Venkat, FICS (Chairman) welcomed the Chief Guest Justice Mr M Jaichandren (High court of Madras), Guest of Honour Mr Tony Swinnerton (Lawyer) UK, Panelists, Ms Uma Ramanathan, Mr A J Jawad, Mr N A K Sarma, Capt. S Pullat, Mr Joy Thattil and all the members and guests at the seminar.

Mr Jaichandren, appreciated the activities of The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers and emphasized the importance of mediation and pointed out that the present volume of pending cases at the courts and the time duration which may take more than 100 years for the completion/settlement.

Mr Tony Swinnerton, briefed about the cross border disputes, enforceability of CPR, confidentiality of mediators, limitations in section 33A(2) Act 1980,advanges of mediators, problems in litigation, the effectiveness  of  the Mediation , the mediation versus litigation, refusal factors, effectiveness of ADR, Jackson report, cost effective etc.,  with the proven case laws.

Panelist Ms Uma  Ramanathan, briefed about the importance of third person(mediator)  and touching he various points with regard to  the discussions  that should be a dialogue oriented and not the monologue, more appeals make more hatred, everybody is equal at the negotiating table, etc.,

Panelist Mr A J Jawad, briefed about the importance of mediators role and touching the various points with regard to the delay and cost are inherent , it is a win-win concept with a story of six blind man etc.,

During the questions and answer (Q&A) hour, many questions had been raised by the Shipping Industry and/or advocate invitees that had been answered by the guest of honour and/or panelists.

Mr Tony Swinnerton briefed about the procedure I and II of Arbitrators with regard to LMAA 2012 terms, hearings, security, cost and appeals.

Panelist Mr.N.A.K.Sarma, briefed about the importance of time, cost, written agreements, selection of Arbitrators etc.

Panelist Capt. Pullat briefed  about the importance of  doing business with a clean mind without landing up in an argument and pursuing this course  for a longer period, about act of God, some Case laws, cost and/or time involvement etc.,

Panelist Mr Joy Thaittil briefed about the role of arbitrator's and their involvement especially after the year 2005, cost and time involved, educating the arbitrators, the importance of settlement of disputes before the arbitrators and mediators and finally covering the grey area of conciliation.

During the Q&A hour, many questions had been raised by the shipping industry and/or advocate invitees and had been answered by either the guest of honour  and/or panelist.


The Seminar was well attended by invitees and guests from the Shipping Industry, advocates, trade, maritime, law and Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers.

Capt. Ganeshyam MICS, Secretary of ICS, East India branch delivered the vote of thanks.

Seminar on Arbitration and Mediation was concluded with Lunch.