East Africa Branch - Chair of ETC visit

Posted on Thursday, February 2, 2017

This year the East Africa Branch was privileged to host the chair of Education and Training Committee of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers. Susan Oatway FICS met with all the FDS students and took a whole day guiding them on how to deal with commercial shipping geography. She also took time to guide students on how to prepare for and approach questions during their examination. The interaction with students was a total success and we expect to see an improvement in performance in the May 2017 exams.

201702 - Susan in East Africa 2

Students during the PREP session at Bandari College

201702 - Susan in East Africa 4 2
Susan Oatway FICS addressing the local students

During her visit to Mombasa, Susan visited the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) headquarters and met with the Harbor Master Captain Rono. Captain Rono emphasized the importance for KPA staff to pursue Institute courses at KPA- Bandari College to enable them to gain modern skills required within port management. Captain Rono underscored the importance of Institute students going for practical training while pursuing Institute courses to gain a fruitful synergy, instead of waiting until they have completed their exams.

201702 - Susan in East Africa 1

From left to right: Mr Edward Kamau, General Manager Cooperate Services KPA, Mr Elijah Mbaru, Branch Secretary, Ms Susan Oatway FICS, Chair of the Institute ETC, ‎Ms Mercy Wanjiku, Branch Programme Officer, Mr Amani Kimora, General Manager Human Resources KPA and Mr Albert Karisa, Branch Education Committee Chairman.

Susan also met with the General Manager Human Resources and Administration Mr Amani Komora and the General Manager Corporate Services Mr Edward Kamau. Mr Komora confirmed that KPA was committed to having its staff trained and acquire relevant skills as this would boost port efficiency. He re-emphasized that, plans were at an advanced stage for Bandari College to start offering certificate in shipping management course for the benefit of KPA staff who have not enrolled in the Institute diploma programs. He reiterated KPA's commitment to supporting Institute programs.

The next stop for Susan's visit was the Kenya Ships Agents Association (KSAA) where she met with the CEO Mr Juma Tella and his assistant Ms Aziza Mwanthi while Ms Kate, General Manager Sea Forth Shipping Services was present to represent the Chairman of KSAA. The team had a healthy discussion on how KSAA can sponsor their staff to pursue Institute courses, offer internship to Institute graduates and sponsor Institute programs. They also saw the need to introduce marine survey courses & Institute basic courses such as certificate in shipping management as demanded by the local market.

The final stop for Susan's visit was the Institute East Africa Branch office where issues to do with improving the services offered by the Branch were discussed. The staff at the office requested Susan to assist in the project of equipping resource center at ICSEA which have been hindered by insufficient funds in the branch.

At the end of the visit, Susan was presented with a Maasai carving comprising of the "big five" (the lion, leopard, buffalo, cheetah and rhino). This is in line with the Kenyan tradition of appreciating a visitor from the temperate lands.

The branch officers expressed their appreciation to the Institute Director Julie Lithgow and to all those who made Susan Oatway visit a success.