Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers Membership Committee meeting, March 2015 Hong Kong

Posted on Thursday, March 5, 2015

Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers Membership Committee meeting, March 2015 Hong Kong


Robert Hill FICS, Committee Chairman

Committee members: Sarah Gilbert MICS, Nikos Marmatsouris FICS, S Sankaran FICS, Jon Berry MICS, Tim Hastie FICS, Manson Cheung FICS, Austin Dooley FICS

YK Chan FICS, Hong Kong branch Chairman

Julie Lithgow, Director

Eleonora Modde, Project Manager

Meetings 1

The annual face to face meeting of the Membership Committee was held in Hong Kong last March. This was the first time the Membership Committee had met away from London. The meeting was possible thanks to the excellent organisation and warm hospitality extended by YK Chan, Manson Cheung and all the Hong Kong branch committee.


For the first time the Membership Committee had a one day workshop prior to the actual committee meeting. After the meeting the Membership Committee members were welcomed by the local branch at a reception cocktail.

2015 Hong Kong meeting 2

Committee members stayed for an additional day in Hong Kong to assist with the Hong Kong branch's local PREP day.




The Membership Committee welcomed Austin Dooley from Rotterdam as a new committee member; he will represent those members of the Institute who are not directly associated with a branch.

The Membership Committee was very pleased to see that there were 73 new members elected at the last Executive Council meeting in late February. This is a very high number for February and is probably due to the trial examination session held last November.

All members are strongly encouraged to fully utilise the database www.shipbrokers.org to manage and update their details and make their contact details available to other members to successfully network.


The Committee had the chance to discuss some crucial issues such as the clarification of membership criteria.

After a lengthy discussion during the workshop and committee meeting, the Membership Committee discussed the pathway to membership and the need to clarify the criteria for membership and the different levels of membership. It was agreed to develop the pathway to membership for approval by Controlling Council in November 2015.

The Membership Committee agreed that the Institute should continue to have stringent entry criteria to preserve the Institute's high standard in the shipping community.