East India Branch Law conclave March 2017

Posted on Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, East India Branch, conducted a Law Conclave to discuss the most relevant Bills/Acts/Amendments that impact Indian Shipping and all its sectors and segments including Logistics.

The Institute was able to get on board many Industry Experts and Law luminaries to join in the debate and international Attorney's Surana & Surana has consented to be the knowledge partner.

We have requested the  professionals of expertise of refined and distilled wisdom garnered over the decades so as to promote and improve shipping services, particularly addressing legal issues that concern the trade in the light of Ease of Doing Business and Make in India policies to make Indian goods and services competitive.

Unlike Seminars and Conferences wherein papers are presented and speeches are made, we have chosen Panel Discussions on the subjects listed.

Surana and Surana, International Attorneys, the Knowledge partner for the event has published a Compendium at the start of the Conclave and further added a chapter on the findings and Recommendations of the Panels, for pursuing with the relevant government departments and authorities.