Hong Kong Branch 54th AGM

Posted on Friday, September 15, 2017

The branch 54th Annual General Meeting was held on 15th September. It was a great success with a very encouraging turnout.

In his Chairman's report to the AGM the Chairman, Mr Joseph Chau FICS, highlighted branch achievement over the last one year & briefed the objectives for the coming year. The outgoing Treasurer Ms Iris Mak delivered the Auditor's report. Ms Roshita Lau was re-appointed as Legal Adviser to the branch.

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Who's who in 2017-2018

Office Bearers

1. Chairman - Joseph Chau

2. Vice Chairman, Membership/Examination officer - Manson Cheung

3. Immediate Past Chairman - YK Chan

4. Hon Treasurer - Dr T L Yip

5. Hon Secretary - Rakesh Sethi

6. Education Officer - Jagmeet Makkar

7. Web Administrator - Josh LI

8. Asst. Hon. Secretary - Munish Khatri

9. Young Member Group convener - Davin Chan

Other Executive Committee members

10. Ms Iris Mak

11. James Ho

12. KK Li

13. PC Li

14. Edward Buttery

15. Capt. Suresh Prabhakar

16. Sharad Gupta

17. Jon HE

18. Abhinav Makkar

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Mr KK Li and Mr YK Chan were presented "LIFE MEMBER" certificates by Chairman Mr Joseph Chau.

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The Branch Annual General Meeting was followed by an exclusive Lecture by Prof Nikos Nomikos on Risk Management.

It was a comprehensive lecture on shipping derivatives and risk management which covered different aspects of financial risk in shipping. The lecture provided a thorough overview of the practice of risk management in shipping with the use of examples and real-life applications.

The event was very well attended. After the lecture, there were drinks and snack foods and many opportunities to catch up with friends.

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