The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers at Cass Business School

Posted on Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers is a truly global organisation. Last year saw more than 4,000 students sit some 6,000 exams in more than 100 exam centres around the world and its members combine the knowledge gained through study, proven through examination, with a business ethic based on 'Our Word, Our Bond' that imparts confidence into the shipping industry worldwide.

These are some of the messages that were conveyed to a large turnout of postgraduate students recently at Cass Business School in London. The event was organised by Professor Michael Tamvakis, Jagmeet Makkar (FICS) and the Cass Shipping Society led by Ioannis Agapitos and provided an excellent opportunity for the students to find out more about the Institute, its professional qualifications, exam sessions and exemptions available to them.

Students who are successful in the following courses can apply for exemptions from up to three examinations of the Institute.

  • International Commodity Trade;
  • Shipping Economics and Policies;
  • Shipping Law;
  • Shipping Investment and Finance.


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