Open Day event: A big thank you!

Posted on Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Institute opened its doors to perspective students in over twenty branches and ITC worldwide on Tuesday 26th September 2017.

It was a great opportunity to find out more about courses on offer, entry requirements, and meet local tutors and other students.

Embarking on professional education can be quite a challenge. Some of our guests have been out of formal education for some time, and others were completely new to the shipping industry.

The Institute offers subsidised, industry leading qualifications and has a network of Institute members teaching, mentoring and supporting students every step of the way.


What the Institute offers to you

-       The Institute academic year starts every year in June and runs till May.

-       We have two exams session available per academic year, one in November and one in May each year

-       During the November session we hold exams in about 50 centres worldwide, in May we hold members in over 100 centres trying to accommodate requests from any students worldwide

-       The Institute offers three levels of qualifications: Foundation Diploma (FD); Advance Diploma (AD); Professional Qualifying Examinations (PQE)

-       Diplomas are a combination of two exams to be sat and passed within the same exam session: one exam is always mandatory, either Introduction to Shipping for the Foundation Diploma (FD) or Shipping Business for    the Advanced Diploma (AD), plus a second exam of your choice from our specialisms

-       In order to qualify for election to membership of the Institute (MICS), students must complete the full professional qualifying exams (PQE). In order to achieve this you need to pass a combination of seven exams.

Four of which are compulsory - see list below:

  1. Introduction to Shipping
  2. Legal Principles in Shipping Business
  3. Economics of Sea Transport & International Trade
  4. Shipping Business

Plus other three exams of your choice, you can pick from our specialism according to your interest - see list below:

  1. Dry Cargo Chartering
  2. Ship Operations & Management
  3. Ship Sale & Purchase 2017/18
  4. Tanker Chartering
  5. Liner Trades
  6. Port Agency
  7. Logistics & Multi-modal Transport
  8. Port & Terminal Management
  9. Offshore Support Industry
  10. Shipping Law
  11. Marine Insurance 2017/8
  12. Shipping Finance

-       Please note that the Institute qualification system is modular and you can start from any of the two Diplomas (FD) or (AD); and then proceed up to the top professional qualification (PQE).

-       Any exams that you pass counts toward the PQE seven-exams programme

-       The student registration fee [£115.00] makes you an Institute student and covers you for the whole academic year and for both exam sessions.

-       Each exam booking fee is £125.00

-       Each course book costs £95.00, but to students the cost is reduced to £85.50


Extra help available

Tutorship £575.00 per subject

-       Our Tutorship is a package including learning materials and access to a Tutor available online to help towards Institute exams preparation

-       The Tutorship option includes: exam booking fee is £125.00; course book cost £85.50; workbook and booklets - free; access to the Live tutorials series - 11 online lectures live; access to your dedicated tutor throughout the academic year; mock exam.

PREP Spring 2017 £975 All subjects

-      Is a study weekend packed with:

  1. lectures
  2. mock exam
  3. networking opportunities
  4. offered with accommodation


Easy as 123

-       Make a plan on how to proceed best and choose your qualification among the three available: Foundation Diploma (FD); Advance Diploma (AD); Professional Qualifying Examinations (PQE)

-       Register as a student via WWW.SHIPBROKERS.ORG - please create your account and give us all your details so as to allow us to contact you.

-      Then proceed to the registration [£115.00] - the Institute academic year starts every year in June and runs till May. You can register throughout the year up to 5 weeks prior to exam session start

-      Chose your study option for each of your exams:

  1. Self-study [proceed to book your exam and buy your course book]
  2. Tutorship [this option combines: exam booking fee, course book, extra learning materials for that subject and the access to a personal tutor, live lectures series and mock exam]


The Education Team is available to give you extra support and information to help you making a good plan!

Email us at: enquiries@ics.org.uk