North East of England Branch hold an introduction to arbitration seminar

Posted on Thursday, March 22, 2018



North East of England Branch hold an introduction to arbitration seminar

There was an excellent turn-out of 11 people for the London Maritime Arbitrators Association (LMAA) seminar entitled "Making a career in maritime arbitration" held on 11th March in Middlesbrough. It was presented by Keith Hart, Ian Gaunt and Richard Rayfield from the LMAA.  All three presenters shared their own journeys about how they  got into arbitration both with and without having a previous career in law. Their presentation gave all the information needed for those thinking about arbitration as a second career.

LMAA is an association of arbitrators practising in London in the field of maritime law, which deals with many arbitration disputes. About 75% of shipping contract disputes are referred to arbitration in London, of which 80% of those are referred to LMAA tribunals applying the LMAA Terms. The tribunal is made up of people in the shipping industry who know and understand the problems in the industry. The arbiration sevices in London are in high regard as large body of shipping law developed in the English courts and led to expertise in the legal and related professions, expert witnesses etc.

The training consists of a two day Introduction course followed by four modules, usually distance learning and tutorials, which take about one year each to complete. At this point you should be considering joining the LMAA in order to network and learn more about the industry.

It was also interesting to note that you did not have to have legal experience; they are always looking for new arbitrators with diverse skills; current full membership of the Institute would bring you in on a case as a 3rd person, in order to give you experience. Appointment fees for an arbitrator range considerably and then an hourly fee for the amount of work you put in and the complexity of this work.

Anyone who is interested in finding out more about arbitration is welcome to contact LMAA. The LMAA website is http://www.lmaa.london