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Posted on Wednesday, September 12, 2018

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We have got some good feedback from our branches around the world.

The Singapore Branch inaugurated the event series with a succesful event on 29th August.

Australia and New Zealand Branch have had a lot of enquiries in the run up to the event and our East India Branch just sent us some pictures.

The Vice Chairman of the Branch, Ravee S.Tittei, FICS was quite pleased with the event held locally. A good number of potential students came along, eager to know more about the options to get recognised shipping qualification with the Institute.

ICS Open Day Sept 2018 - East India 1 ICS Open Day Sept 2018 - East India 2

Hauke Pane FICS and Marc Buchholz FICS hosted the Open Day in Hamburg. The Chairman and President of the German Branch picked the HBT's foyer as venue for the event that attracted there about twenty young potential students.

ICS Open Day Sept 2018 - Germany 1

The event was quite interesting and lively. The branch is very grateful to Christian Peymann of Staatliche Handelsschule Berliner Tor (HBT) and his team for their excellent support.

In the North East of England Branch potential students came along to know more about how to get a recognised shipping qualification.

Interestingly they were all completely different in their backgrounds and reasons for being interested in the Institute.

Some were looking into shipping to turn around their career and get a speciaised in Offshore, others just starting out and some returning to the industry and committed to finish off remaining qualifying exams.

An excellent range of candidates all with different reasons for wanting to complete qualifications within the Institute.

The Pakistan Branch circulated the invitation to the Institute Global Open day had gone out to Karachi Port Trust, Pakistan National Shipping Corporation, Port Qasim Authority, Gawadar Port Authority, Bahria University, all shipping and forwarding agents and other parties.

A good number of participants attended the event: they were both maritime professionals as well as new graduates.

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During the session the branch committee members delivered a detailed presentation. Our guests had the chance to ask various questions and they were informed and guided on how to proceed and register for Institute examinations and achieve Institute qualification and membership.

The Open Day gave our branch a great opportunity to introduce the branch members to potential students. During the Open Day celebration, attendants freely discussed their study preferences in connection with their academic and professional qualification and future goals.

The Pakistan Branch would like to wish all participants to embrace Institute qualifications and broaden their horizons.

The South Africa Branch had a small but successful Open Day with all available chairs taken!

The Branch Chairman, Eddie Nielson FICS delivered a presentation that was well-received and followed by an open session where guests could ask questions and find out more about the Institute.  The event also provided an opportunity to discuss matters close to the heart of some current students who also attended.

Follow-ups with interested prospective students are now taking place and hopefully will result in enrolments.


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