Membership of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers means much more than the initials after your name. As the largest network of professional shipbrokers, managers and agents, ICS membership is internationally recognised as a mark of professionalism in the shipping industry.

This is our largest Membership category, with the vast majority of Members achieving their status through examination.

To be eligible for Membership, you must comply with the following:

1.  Have a bona fide connection to the commercial shipping industry at the time of application.  This includes brokers, agents, principals, owners, lawyers, seafarers, insurers and cover a wide range and scope of activity.

2.  Have passed the Institute's Professional Qualifying Examinations, or have submitted a dissertation that satisfies the criteria and is approved by the Institute's Education and Training Committee

3.  Have satisfied the Controlling Council that he or she is a fit and proper person to become a Member

Once eligible, applicants may apply by completing and signing the application for membership form in full to either the branch or directly to the head office.

Your application then needs to be endorsed by your local branch and the ICS Vetting Committee before being sent to the Controlling Council for final approval.

The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers operate a tiered membership subscription structure. To obtain the fee structure applicable to your country or region, please contact your local Branch or, alternatively, email us at the Head Office: membership@ics.org.uk

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