Port Agent Apprenticeship Scheme

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The Institute is facilitating an employer trailblazer group to develop a Port Agent Apprenticeship scheme in England.

Finding and keeping high quality staff within a tough business environment is a challenge faced by most, if not all, port agency companies regardless of company size or location. Federation Council has debated this issue at a number of meetings, trying to identify how best to support our members. As a Council within the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, our emphasis has always been on the qualification and examination of skills and knowledge, not the teaching or mentoring needed to prepare young agents to be competent and productive in their role.

The project will support employers through subsidised training and employment and also in the provision of defined training and skills to new employees (and may even apply to current employees who can be moved onto apprenticeships).

The Expression of Interest was lodged with the Institute for Apprenticeships and approved.

We are now delighted to let you know that the next milestone has been completed with the Standard being accepted and published by the Institute for Apprenticeships. The Standard can be found at:


The apprenticeship standard covers a detailed occupational profile and the main tasks of a port agent. It also defines the knowledge, skills and behaviours of a port agent and covers what employers need for occupational competence.

We are now developing the End Point Assessment which is the independent assessment at the end of the apprenticeship training to ascertain whether they have achieved occupational competence.

The Institute can't shape an apprenticeship End Port Assessment that will be fit-for-all without the input of our company members so we need your help and input.

We would like to thank all the company member trailblazers who have already and continue to contribute to this project.

All company members are invited to contribute and are welcome to send comments to federation@ics.org.uk