About us

Ukraine ITC


Ukraine's Distance Learning Institute Ltd was established in November, 2007 representing the ICS as a Institute Teaching Centre for Students in the Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Moldova.

The ICS Tutorship programme is executed by Institute approved highly-educated and experienced professionals from the Odessa National Marine University (Ukraine, Odessa).

Every year, approximately 90 students from marine universities and the shipping industry study in the Ukraine ITC following the professional qualifying examination programme.

Who's who

The director of the ITC is Dr Valeriy Markov, prof., Academician of Transport Academy of Ukraine, FICS, Chartered Shpbroker, FIMAREST, Charterd Technologist, MNI.

ITC Distance Learning Institute Ltd.,

44, Gavannaya st., 6,

Odessa, 65026,


T (Cell): +38 0503 331 856

E: dli.odessa@gmail.com or v-markov@ukr.net

W: www.dli.od.ua