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The ICS family grows year on year


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The blue pins show the Institute Branches. In yellow the Recognised Partners.


> Development Branches

Around the world our fellows and members work hard to promote professionalism in the sector. The Institute has a network of 27 international branches. There are also a number of countries where there is a significant presence of members as well as active shipping economies that are in different stages of development as the Institute branches of the future.

In Rotterdam the local leadership committees have succeded in launching the new Netherlands Branch at the end of 2019.

In Istanbul the local leadership committee formed by a group of keen members has been working hard for a few years now.

They provide a point of reference for local membership and the local shipping community organising technical seminars as well as supporting local students with revision evenings and Open days.


Turkiye Development Branch


Contact: Bahadir Tonguc FICS



> Recognised Partners

The Institute also works with maritime organisations and education providers that teach our syllabus. Education providers can undergo an official application and audit process to become officially accredited as an International Teaching Centres [ITC]


Malta - Malta Maritime Forum


Contact: Michael Callus FICS




South Korea - Korea Maritime and Ocean University


Contact: Enrico D'agostini MICS




Philippines - Magsaysay Learning Resources in Manila


Contact: Alexander Querol




Taiwan - Taiwan International Ports Corporation


Contact: Madeline Huang




Turkiye - Maritime Training & Education Center of Istanbul


Contact: Roman Sorochenkov FICS




Maldives - Maritime Academy of Maldives


Contact: Capt. Adhil Rasheed MSc MNI



USA - Massachusetts Maritime Academy


Contact: Capt. Ashok Pandey FICS



Abu Dhabi - Abu Dhabi Maritime Academy - ADMA


Contact: Capt. Mohammad Khalid


T: +971 2 690 2502 | M:  | Toll Free: 800 10 20 30 | PO Box: 54477, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Hong Kong - Skills Plus

Contact: Skills Plus Director, Jagmeet Makkar, MSc (Energy Trade & Finance), PCBA FICS FRINA FIMarE(I) FHKIArb MCIArb


+852 94686314 / +852 95718832


North East of England - Stockton Riverside College

Contact: Gary Wearmouth


T: 01642 631323