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Sweden ITC


The Swedish Shipbrokers´ Association was founded in 1919 and has been a ITC of the Institute since 2004. The Institute Teaching Centre (ITC) in Sweden provides information about ICS TutorShip and manages the registration of the students and their exams.

ITC Composition

The ITC Sweden has two main functions. It arranges the administration for TutorShip and is an exam centre. If you live in Sweden and wish to sign up for TutorShip, or if you have any questions regarding TutorShip or the different diplomas, please contact the office through the contacts shown below.

Who's who

Managing director: Mrs Berit Blomqvist

Administrator: Ms Anna Derkum

Contact details

The Swedish Shipbrokers´ Association

Sveriges Skeppsmaklareforening

Postgatan 4

SE-411 13 Gothenburg


T: +46 31 133494

F: +46 31 7433478

E: info@swe-shipbroker.se

W: www.swe-shipbroker.se