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The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS) in South Africa had its beginning in 1965, but was then called The Institute of South African Shipbrokers (ISAS). Members that have passed the London exams were then accorded membership of ISAS. A Fellow would be an FISAS. The records were kept in Cape Town.

However, around 1971, ISAS' international relationship with the ICS came to an end due to bans enforced on ISAS by London due to apartheid laws. ISAS was welcomed back on board in 1993, when Barbara Fletcher (then Director of the ICS in London) came to visit SA and invited ISAS back into the fold.

The ICS SA Branch was then formed in 1996. Sean Minogue was the President of ISAS at that time and with the inauguration of the ICS, his title changed to Chairman. The Durban office was started at this time by Bambi Lewin.

The ICS SA Branch is not incorporated as a company nor a non-profit organization in South Africa, and is run by the following agreements with London:

  • Royal Charter and Bye Laws
  • Branch Rules
  • International Teaching Centre - Memorandum of Agreement


Who is who in 2018-19

Chairman Eddy Neilson FICS
Vice Chairman Catherine Moodie FICS 
Branch Manager Glynis McGrath
Administration Officer 
Trishelle Budhoo


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Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (South Africa Branch)

91, Problem Mkhize Road

(Formerly Cowey)

Suite 302, Cowey Park

Berea, Durban


South Africa

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PO Box 37798

South Africa

E: icssa@ics.za.org

W: www.icssa.co.za

T: +27 31 207 2022

F: +27 86 539 4761