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The Germany Branch of the Institute of Chartered Shipbroker was founded in February 1996. Since then it has grown from 11 founding members to presently about 160, making it one of the largest branches within the Institute. Every year a considerable number of students pass the ICS exams in Hamburg - most of them having prepared for these by visiting the courses offered by the Hamburg School of Shipping and Transportation - and go on to join the Branch.

Between 200 and 300 shipbrokers pass the German professional qualification annually and an average of 20 to 25 go on to study with the ICS to gain further qualifications and become a member of the Institute.

In 2009, Germany Branch Fellow Karl Ludwig Franz (first Vice Chairman of the Branch) was appointed as the Institute's international Chairman - the first one ever from overseas. This underlines the status of the Branch within the organisation.

Branch composition
Most Members and Fellows of the Germany Branch live and work in Hamburg or Bremen but there are also Members in other North German ports, further afield in Germany, in neighbouring European countries and even overseas.

Members of the Germany Branch are mainly brokers, but other areas from the maritime industry such as agency, shipowning, ship financing and liner shipping are also represented, along with adjusters, flag states and class societies.

Who is who in 2018-2019

Chairman Germany Branch Hauke Pane FICS
Secretary Sabine Etheridge

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