Baltic & the Institute lecture on S&P -12 May 2021

  • Date Wednesday, May 12, 2021
  • Venue ONLINE
  • Duration 90min


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We have been working with Simon Ward FICS, Director at Ursa Shipbrokers, to line up a tremendous panel of speakers and explore the current Ship Sale and Purchase arena from every angle.

The next Baltic and Institute lecture is scheduled for Wednesday 12 May 2021 at 10:00am BST. Register here.

  • If you wanted to order a ship today that would comply with emission regulations over the next 25 years, where would you go?

  • What would it look like?

  • How much would it cost?

  • Who would charter it and how much would they pay?

  • Who would finance it and on what terms? And what exactly are the regulations?


In order to try and resolve this puzzle,

we have brought together the following guests

to discuss how to address one of

the most pressing issues

facing the shipping industry today.


Moderator Simon Ward, Director, Ursa Shipbrokers


Ioanna Procopiou, CEO, Sea Traders


Christopher Rex, Head of Innovation and Research, Danmarks Skibskredit A/S

Mauro Sacchi, Director, Business Development, Wärtsilä


Alex Haubert, Manager Ocean Freight, Amaggi


And a special guest from IMO

Camille Bourgeon, Technical Officer - Marine Environment, IMO


Baltic ICS Lecture Series 4_Shipping Assets and Emissions

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