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Australia and New Zealand Branch


The Australia and New Zealand Branch www.icsanz.com was founded in 1998. The Branch went through a period of strong activity followed by a period in which there was a readjustment caused by the change in the manner in which business was done, the effects of technology and the manner in which the various international zones of the market affected the daily routines of a Branch which had been created at the end of the era when Europe dominated the market. Those issues are now being addressed and the Branch is flourishing.

Geographically the Branch covers an area the size of Europe with members of the Committee spread from Fremantle in the west to Launceston (Tasmania) in the south and as far as Auckland in the east, though the majority of members still reside in Melbourne and Sydney. The membership are employed in a wide variety of commercial shipping including practising brokers and employees in shipping company offices (liner and bulk), charterer's offices ,and Government departments. The Branch is also seriously considering introducing corporate membership.

In the education arena there is the Institute Teaching Centre (ITC), which for some years has provided a steady stream of students sitting in four centres, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Auckland, with the occasional examination also being held in Adelaide. The wide geographic area poses logistics challenges to holding examinations but is efficiently handled by the ITC.

In the year 2013-2014 there were 37 student members.  Most students elect the Tutorship model as their preferred means of study. The Branch is very proud of the fact that the New Zealand Chapter has provided an International Award winner in each of the last two years. The New Zealand Chapter offers the "Understanding Shipping" course and soon the Branch will also be offering the "Maritime World Explained" course.

Besides structured ICS courses, the Branch has developed and delivered bespoke short-courses/workshops on "Dry Cargo" and "Charter Parties". There is also a very successful series of industry seminars on topical matters in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland.

On the social and networking front, the highlight of the social calendar is the annual Industry Ball held in Melbourne every August, with members from all over Australia and New Zealand attending.  The Branch has also initiated the Young Professionals Melbourne (YPM) group, designed to facilitate the meeting of the young (under-35s) professionals in the maritime industry.


Who's who


Nick Vann

Vice Chairman & Secretary

Bill Macdonald

Treasurer & Webmaster

Francis Castellino

Education Officer

Manisha Taneja

Other Committee Members:

Hemant Chopra

Peter Cookson

Nigel D'Souza

Bob Hawkins - ex officio

Peter Klausen

Tony Pegum

Steve Randall



The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (Australia and New Zealand Branch)

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