Welcome to the new Chairwoman of our Denmark Branch

Posted on Friday, December 14, 2018

We are delighted to announce that the Institute Denmark Branch has a new Chairwoman: Eliza Nowicka MICS.

Eliza Nowicka FICS - Chair Denmark Branch

We asked Eliza some questions in order to get to know her better and hear all about her ideas to boost the branch in the coming months and years.

How did you start working in shipping?

My journey in shipping started by coincidence, at the reception desk in a fixed premium P&I Club in Denmark. Soon after, I became a marine assistant, helping with emails and marine insurance documents. I wanted to know more about marine insurance, shipping, the market and ships in general. Having developed a better understanding of the shipping market and the risks relating to it, after a couple of years I worked in the same company as a deputy marine manager, drafting P&I and FD&D policies and assisting our clients with more complex problems.

How did you come across the Institute and decide to sit your exams?

The company I worked for had an office based in Limassol, Cyprus. My Cyprus colleagues already had a close relationship with the Institute's branch there. The first course I took was "Understanding Shipping" and I sat my exam in Limassol.

At that point I had heard about the PQE and decided to develop my knowledge further and sit my exams in Copenhagen.

I took my exams while employed with my previous company. The management supported the idea, knowing that my education will be beneficial for the company in order to provide our clients with a good quality service.

Tell us something about your current job

I currently work for If P&C Insurance, one of the biggest insurers in the Nordics. I assist in the Industrial Department in on the marine cargo and liability lines of business.

What would you like to achieve now that the ICS is in your hands at least in Denmark?

As a branch, we would like to have a closer cooperation with our members and students and let them know that the Institute is there for them. They can turn to us with their ideas and requests. The Institute is about generating value for the shipping industry and every student, member or fellow can add value to it. We aim to become more active in Denmark and in the Nordics. The education offered by ICS is of highest quality and therefore the Institute should be more recognised. There is a lot of potential in Denmark. We need to reach the young generations and show them its worth.

What do you think that students, members and companies are looking for in the Institute?

As the main benefits I will point out the high quality of education and knowledge which is up-to-date. This surely helps when working in shipping and gives an opportunity to provide top quality service. The Institute offers both practical and theoretical knowledge, which is more simple to implement. Apart from that, the ICS is internationally recognised, so having professional qualifications confirmed by the Institute is a general and personal advantage. Last, but not least - the professional network. The Institute and every Branch of it gathers marine and shipping professionals and this is a great opportunity to exchange the knowledge and experience with the others.

We wish all the best to Eliza and her Committee for the coming 2019 and we look forward to hearing about the initiatives coming up soon.