Maritime Leadership

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Maritime Leadership conference - PROGRAMME

A provisional guide follows - the detailed agenda with speakers will be published shortly.

3:00pm Parliamentary Welcome Reception
Afternoon tea, House of Lords


Maritime Leadership conference PROGRAMME Tue 15.10

9:30am Welcome and opening address
Introducing the distinctive themes of this inaugural international conference - the forces and trends influencing maritime trade, leadership and their impacts on human capital planning and development.
9:50am Keynote speech
Regulators, policymakers and industry: harmonizing the enabling of prosperity through trade with the priorities for change of peoples and global society.
Key challenges on the near horizon.
10:30am Panel discussion: 'State of the Union'
Overview of key shipping markets
Cycle position, trade risks, consolidation, financing
Seaborne trade scenarios and forecasts
Influences of fuel economics, energy mix, environment and technology
Major trends and the impact on shipping to 2030
11:30am Panel discussion: 'State of the Union' continued
The panel of experts including economists, shipping leaders, financiers will be joined by the presenter to cast an eye on the trajectory for shipping markets in the near to medium term, identifying key drivers and surveying the landscape for threats and opportunities and how leaders in shipping and international trade can meet the challenges ahead.
12:15pm Lunch
1:30pm Panel discussion: Leadership in a complex world
A moderated discussion of experts drawn from business leaders, business schools and researchers will investigate evolving shipping business models and the meaning of leadership and management in this context. What lessons can be learned from the experience of other sectors? Are the traditional structures for human capital sustainable? What are the enduring key skills and behaviours that should be focussed upon?
3:00pm Coffee break
3:30pm Presentation and panel discussion: Capacity building for a national maritime economy
What is required to ensure the sustainability of a competitive skilled workforce?
Case studies: Example programmes, lessons and key success criteria from around the world.
5:00pm Q&A and closing remarks
5:30pm Networking drinks reception for delegates and invited guests

Maritime Leadership conference PROGRAMME Wed 16.10

9:00am Registration and coffee
9:30am Opening Remarks
9:45am Discussion panel: 'Peace, Love and Trade Wars'
Financial crises, over-capacity, de-leveraging, debt, sovereign risk, trade imbalances, protectionism, populism, nativism, sanctions, conflict, Brexit...
Perceptions and materiality-distinguishing the white noise from the significant in relation to seaboume trade. What does the data show and where are we headed? how are the key multilateral institutions facilitating trade growth?
A panel of experts drawn from international trade bodies, shippers, forwarders, carriers and port operators provide perspectives on global trade, observations from the coal face, and how their organisations are planning for the challenges ahead.
11:00am Coffee Break
11:30am Presentation: Technology and Innovation
· Shipping and the broader context of social and industrial change
· Digital age and the emergence of hyper-productive businesses
· Customers and consumers - changing expectations and preferences
· Highlights of tech in shipping- successes and challenges
· Implications for people and skills
12:30pm Lunch
1:45pm Presentation: The future of education and training
· Sustainable talent pipelines
· Current ecosystems for human capital development
· Assessment and certification
· Meeting future demands
2:30pm Presentation: Future proofing the next generation
3:30pm Round-up and closing remarks for conference