Tanker Chartering 2021

9781911328162Foreword by Paolo d'Amico

Chairman, Intertanko, and Executive Chairman, d'Amico Societá di Navigazione

ISBN: 978-1-911328-16-2

Pages: 334

The general impression of a tanker is a huge vessel steaming from the Middle East to consumer countries full of crude oil to be refined. But the tanker trade is much larger and much more complex than that. Crude oil is just a part of it; a large part, but there are many other elements.

Crude oil is carried in very large crude carriers, or VLCCs, as well as in Suezmax, LR2 and Panamax tankers. This book explains the characteristics of each type and their typical trades. It also details other tanker trades. These include clean products such as petrol or gasoline, diesel, gasoils, jet fuels and all the other refined products.

Oil is also refined into elements called chemical feedstock, where clean fluids such as naphtha are turned into everyday chemicals and plastics. These end-products are carried around the world in chemical carriers. Gas carriers are also a branch of the tanker sector, carrying natural and petroleum gases. As well as the ships and the trades, Tanker Chartering describes types of employment and the relevant contracts.

The book is aimed at those who are training as tanker brokers but will also be useful for those who wish to extend their existing knowledge of the shipping industry.


Patrick Neylan, Editor, Contributing Editor

Fiona Palmer, Contributing Editor


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