Shipping Law 2014

Shipping Law front coverForeword by Michele White

General Counsel, Intertanko

ISBN: 978-1-908833-30-3

Pages: 376

The law applies in some form to every aspect of our lives, and this is especially so in shipping because it is such an international and complex business.

Nearly all practical documents of an international nature involved with shipping business are based on English law and the vast majority of international contracts for sale of commodities and the contracts of their carriage are governed by English law.

Shipping Law covers the most important areas of wet and dry law. Legal aspects of charter parties and bills of lading are examined and conventions on the carriage of goods by sea are discussed. Ship ownership and Admiralty jurisdiction, general average, salvage, towage, collision, dispute resolution and limitation of liability are considered.

Problems and disputes will arise in all aspects of shipping business and so Shipping Law will be of great value to all professionals involved in the business of shipping.


Sarah Sullivan, Legal Reviewer

Leif Ollivierre, Legal Editor

Costas Lambrou, Legal Editor


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