Shipping Finance 2021

9781908833280Foreword by Dagfinn Lunde

Chairman, SFG Ship Finance Global

ISBN: 978-1-908833-28-0

Pages: 128

Without access to finance, the maritime industry as we know it would cease to exist. Whether it is the purchase of a ship, investment in a shipping start-up or the outlay into research and development, finance is the engine of progress in the shipping world.

This coursebook from the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers takes the guesswork out of fiscal planning, delivering professionally reviewed guidance from both sides of the financing fence. Taking the lender's perspective, Shipping Finance considers the basic principles of good lending and sources of security for loans. From the borrower's angle, Shipping Finance examines different equity sources, from debt financing and the bond markets to mortgages, loans, leasing, securitisation and tax-efficient financing schemes. It also examines the all-important debt-equity balance and Islamic finance options.

The book also covers the changes in the ship finance environment in recent years, examining how banks have dealt with the fallout from recent crises and the stringent requirements of the Basel accords.


Simon Norton, Author

Patrick Neylan, Editor

Ed Woollam, Peer Reviewer


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