Further Reading

Recommended textbook

Ship Sale and Purchase (6th ed): Iain Goldrein, Matt Hannaford, Paul Turner. Informa 2013

General reading

Gorton, Lars, Hilenius, Patrick, Ihre, Rolf and Sandevärn, Arne.

Shipbroking and chartering practice (8th edn) Evi Plomaritou, Antonis Papadopoulos. Informa, 2009


Lloyd's List (daily)

Tradewinds (weekly)

Associations and organisations

Baltic Exchange - www.balticexchange.com/

Baltic Ports Organisation - www.bpoports.com

Chamber of Shipping - www.british-shipping.org/home/

International Chamber of Shipping - www.marisec.org/

International Maritime Organization - www.imo.org/

Free resources

Chamber of Shipping - www.marisec.org/resources.html

European Union law www.eurlex.eu

International Maritime Organization www.imo.org

Maritime Industry Foundation - www.maritimeindustryfoundation.com/index.htm

UNCTAD - www.unctad.org