Port agency 2016

Foreword by John S Denholm

Chairman and Chief Executive, J & J Denholm Ltd

ISBN 978-1-908833-85-3

Pages: 248

In an industry as international as shipping, it is impossible for a ship operator to have offices in every port where its ships might call. Instead, ship operators rely on a network of port agents to act as their eyes and ears to ensure the safe and secure running of their ships. As the representative of the ship, the port agent helps keep global trade moving and profits flowing.

Port Agency examines in detail this critical front-line role. From the day-to-day duties expected of a port agent and the legal background to the role, to the mass of documentation needed and relationships with principals, Port Agency guides the reader through this fascinating aspect of the shipping industry.

On a practical level, Port Agency explains the concept of the 'arrived ship' and examines the importance of tendering the notice of readiness. It describes how to prepare a timesheet, calculate demurrage/despatch money, maintain accurate spending records and compile the final disbursement accounts.

From a legal standpoint, the book examines the agent's position in relation to other parties, explaining the extent of an agent's authority and the consequences of breaching that authority.

Port Agency is your in-depth guide to this extended arm of shipowners, operators and charterers.

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