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Containerisation International (monthly)

Fairplay (weekly)

Journal of Transport Economic and Policy (three times a year)

Lloyd's List (daily)

Lloyd's Shipping Economist

Maritime Policy and Management (seven times a year)

Offshore Support Journal (10 times a year)

Trade Winds (weekly)


Associations and organisations

AIVP/IACP: International Association Cities and Ports - www.aivp.org/english.html

Association of Royal Navy Officers - www.arno.org.uk/

Baltic Exchange - www.balticexchange.com/

Baltic Ports Organisation - www.bpoports.com

Chamber of Shipping - www.british-shipping.org/home/

Container Owners Association - www.containerownersassociation.org

EcoPorts Foundation - www.ecoports.com

European Federation of Inland Ports - www.inlandports.be

European Institute of Maritime and Transport Law - www.eimtlt.eu/Events.aspx

European Sea Ports Organisation - www.espo.be

European Shippers' Council - www.europeanshippers.com

Imarest - www.imarest.org/

International Association of Ports and Harbors - www.iaphworldports.org

International Chamber of Shipping - www.marisec.org/

International Federation of Shipmasters' Associations - www.ifsma.org/

International Harbour Masters' Association - www.harbourmaster.org

International Maritime Organization - www.imo.org/

Maritime and Coastguard Agency - www.mcga.gov.uk

Maritime Foundation - www.bmcf.org.uk/

Merchant Navy Training Board - www.mntb.org.uk/

Royal Institute of Navigation - www.rin.org.uk/

Society of Maritime Industries - www.maritimeindustries.org/

Trinity House - www.trinityhouse.co.uk/index.html

World Ocean Council - www.oceancouncil.org


Free resources

Chamber of Shipping - http://www.ics-shipping.org/

European Union law www.eurlex.eu

International Maritime Organization www.imo.org

Maritime Industry Foundation - www.maritimeindustryfoundation.com/

UNCTAD - www.unctad.org