Economics of sea transport and international trade 2015

Foreword by Julian Bray

Editor-in-Chief, TradeWinds

ISBN 978-1-908833-59-4

Pages 236

This authoritative book is both a great introduction to the economics of the shipping industry and a valuable reference book for commercial practitioners. Economics of Sea Transport and International Trade is an easy-to-read reference for those who need an overview of the economic and commercial issues involved in the chartering, ownership and management of oceangoing ships. It describes canals and ports and economies of scale in ship sizes.

Diagrams and easy-to-follow graphs supplement clear explanations of the supply and demand for shipping. The book examines the wider shipping industry - including tankers, dry cargo, the liner trade and the sale and purchase of ships - and describes the factors within world trade which contribute to the up and down cycles that affect the shipping industry. The management of vessel operations as well as the information that shipbrokers need in order to operate within the industry are covered.

Economics of Sea Transport and International Trade details contractual and commercial essentials that are specific to the maritime industry and covers balance of payments and currency exchange rates.

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