Dry cargo chartering 2014

Foreword by Paul C. Over

ISBN 978-1-908833-41-9

340 pages

Dry Cargo Chartering describes work at the coalface of the dry cargo sector, mainly involving the shipping of bulk commodities. This book explains how this part of the industry works and also looks at the less familiar cargoes and trades. It describes the roles of the shipowner, the charterer and the shipbroker and also the duties of back office staff. Readers will gain an understanding of the nuts and bolts of charter parties and different types of shipping documentation. The types of employment of ships, including various commodities and cargoes, are covered too.

This volume is aimed at industry personnel who wish to proceed down a certain career path within the shipping industry. This book will be essential reading if that is a dry cargo route, but it will also be highly beneficial to the student who simply wishes to expand their knowledge of the industry.

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