Cargoes by William V. Packard

By William V. Packard

ISBN 0-9548218-0-7

For those who still believe that the transportation of cargoes requires a slow-moving learning curve - think again! New products arrive on the market each year. Traditional products which have been in decline suddenly receive a commercial impetus only to find that the hiatus of several years, even generations, since they were transported in volume has interfered with our knowledge of important carriage hints. New trade routes are constantly developing. All of this calls for great care to be exercised in the rotation of products in cargo tanks and ships' holds.

Although a primary aim of this book is to assist the safe, accident and incident-free transportation of goods by sea, and another the drafting of comprehensive carriage contracts as between traders, shippers, receivers, ship-owners and charterers, in an effort to lift what might be otherwise turgid text, the reader will find snippets of interest covering the history and geography of certain products, accompanied by details of its production and end-use. Readers will be able to understand the purpose of the product movement and its geography, as well as its safe carriage.

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Cargoes book cover