As an independent international professional membership organisation, the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers strives to promote a world class program of education and training to ensure that all members are knowledgeable about their business. As a result, the Institute produces and publishes a comprehensive series of books on the shipping business.

The books are unique in that they have been written by professionals for professionals in the shipping industry. They now undergo a regular periodic review where they are peer reviewed, revised and updated by professionals in their particular discipline so that an accurate revision can be achieved.

Up to date information has been sourced from leading shipping research providers to illustrate graphs, charts and tables. Trade routes and ship drawings have been produced in house, while talented designers and proof readers have been employed to ensure the highest level of appearance and consistency in the books.

If you are a student or a member, you can order books directly through your personal account online at www.shipbrokers.org. Alternatively, you can place an order by sending a completed book order form to enquiries@ics.org.uk

Please order your books returning the book order form available here.


Members receive 50% discount on all books.

Please find the breakdown of the discounts we offer below:

  • Order less than 10 books - No discount
  • Order 10-20 books: 15%
  • Order 21 to 30 books: 20%
  • Order 30 books over: 30%

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