November 2018 Exam Results

21st February is results day for the November 2018 exams.

Students can now log in to view their results via their account at: www.shipbrokers.org

Results letters have been posted to all students who attended exams. Students who did not attend any exams will not receive a results letter.

Due to the high number of examinations only successful students who completed their Foundation Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Professional Qualifying Examinations (PQEs) appear below. These results are also published in 'TradeWinds'. For those who have completed their PQEs, a membership application form has been included with their letter, or it can be downloaded from the membership page.

Well done to everyone who passed their exams and many congratulations to all who completed their qualification for membership. We look forward to welcoming you as a member of the Institute very soon.

If you have been unsuccessful in your exams on this occasion we encourage you to continue with your studies and can help you prepare better with the right learning support package such as TutorShip or attending an Institute PREP event.

If you have any post-examination queries, please contact us at enquiries@ics.org.uk. If you wish to apply for a review of one of your exam subjects you can request this through your online account on www.shipbrokers.org. The deadline to request a post examination review is 21st March 2019.

If you think you may have completed your qualification, but your name doesn't appear on the Professional Qualifying Exams (PQEs) completed list, please contact the Education Team at enquiries@ics.org.uk.

The deadline for registration for the May 2019 exams is 2nd April 2019. The deadline for deferment and exam subject or exam centre changes is 4th April 2019.

Foundation Diploma subject
First Name Last Name
Dry Cargo Chartering Veronica Bento Accra
Dry Cargo Chartering Tom Clayton London
Dry Cargo Chartering Marta Ruivo Montreal
Dry Cargo Chartering Maria Shultseva Singapore
Dry Cargo Chartering Erika Tyroler Montreal
Liner Trades Victoria Gowe Mombasa
Port Agency Tom Boothby Hull
Port Agency Abdalla Said Mombasa
Ship Operations and Management Ayesha Sohun Mauritius - Reduit
Ship Operations and Management Pavansayee Srinivasan Chennai
Shipping Law Frederick Courtney London


Advanced Diploma subject

First Name Last Name
Liner Trades with distinction J.M.Buddhika Jayaweera Colombo
Dry Cargo Chartering Konstantinos Fragkopoulos Athens
Dry Cargo Chartering Earlene Ng Singapore
Dry Cargo Chartering Maria Nikolaou Athens
Dry Cargo Chartering Panos Petrolekas Athens
Dry Cargo Chartering Michael Stoker Vancouver
Dry Cargo Chartering with distinction Nicholas Cox London
Economics of Sea Transportation Ethan Lim Singapore
Liner Trades Cherrillee Meyer Cape Town
Offshore Support Industry Andrew Lynas Aberdeen
Offshore Support Industry Olanrewaju Ojo Dubai
Port Agency Erik Arvidsson Gothenburg
Port Agency Hamida Chidagaya Mombasa
Port Agency Stephen Chivila Mombasa
Port Agency Nikola Giorgalli Limassol
Port and Terminal Management Abbie McGuffie Liverpool
Ship Operations and Management Hasan Khan Karachi
Ship Operations and Management Stav Kimhi Vancouver
Ship Operations and Management Koralage Malighaspe London
Ship Operations and Management Sumaya Simpson Johannesburg
Shipping Finance with distinction Antonios Spanakis Athens
Shipping Law with distinction Raajeev Kumar Singh London
First Name Last Name Location
Christine Abeysundara Dubai
Roshin Abraham Mumbai
Froso Alvanou Athens
Harry Aristidoglou London
James Atkinson Melbourne
Oluwafemi Aweda Port Harcourt
Sachin Balpande Mumbai
Mohammad Said Barakat Amman
Mohit Chawla Mumbai
Prisca Chendjou Accra
Evangelos Darousos Athens
Dionysios Diamantopoulos Athens
Charles Dixey Hong Kong
Iliana Drapanioti Athens
Artur Dudnik Odessa
Husnu Erenli Rotterdam
Christabel Ewedji Accra
Bruce Fairweather London
Christopher Fowler Aberdeen
Carlos Gallego Teulada
Georgi Georgiev Varna
Kyriaki Gioni Athens
Raja Vikraman Gnana Desikan Singapore
Carlos Gomez Madrid
James Hamilton London
Jonathan Heng Singapore
Sandalatha Herath Mudiyanselage Colombo
Xiaohui Huang Singapore
Mohammed Hussein Mombasa
Maria Isari Athens
Teena Joey Chennai
Amaan Khan Singapore
Anna Konstantinou Athens
Evanthia Kopanou Athens
Daniel Kwakye Accra
Laura Lungu Athens
Mingqin Luo Shanghai
Afzal Machingal Singapore
Maxwell Mamonkose Accra
Najash Mdathiru Mombasa
Robert Millatt London
Thomas Mortensen Copenhagen
Sayyid Mtsumi Mombasa
Shyam Nair Chennai
Chiagoziem Ndubisi Newcastle upon Tyne
George Nicodemou Athens
Vasiliki Nikoglou Zurich
Konstantina Nikolaou Athens
George Onisiforou Limassol
Suraj Padhy Chennai
Senthil Palanivel Dubai
Dimitris Papanastasiou Athens
Dimitrios Parrisiadis Athens
Andrea Pavlou London
Natalia Peioglo Odessa
Oleksiy Petrenko Odessa
Vasiliki Petrou Athens
Socrates Pilavakis Limassol
Ornela Piriu Athens
Pinelopi - Georgia Plessa Athens
Vsevolod Pomelov Nantes
Nicholas Pugh London
Aishani Purkayastha Mumbai
Eduardo Rangel Varela Dubai
Morgan Rossiter Singapore
Ioanna Sarafi Athens
André Schwendner Hamburg
Karine Serrado De Almeida Singapore
Ronak Shaikh Dubai
Mustafa Shaikh Karachi
Ajitpal Singh Mumbai
Katerina Stefani Athens
Stelios Stylianou Limassol
Igor Subachov Odessa
Anna Louise Szczerkowska Vancouver
Dimitrios Tampouras Athens
Vladimir Tchoub Limassol
Marius Toft London
Louis-Pierre Trottier Montreal
Georgios Tsikkos Limassol
Dionysios Tsilioris Athens
Aikaterini Tsimizili Athens
Hariharan Venkatakrishnan Chennai
Chia Shiang Wu Taoyuan City
Anshul Yadav Dubai
Rafaella Yiangou Limassol
Aikaterini Zachariou Athens