Busan (Korea)

Korea Maritime and Ocean University (KMOU)

727 Taejong-Ro

Dongsam 2 - Dong

Building A2 - College of International Studies


Busan 49112



Public transport:

  • From Yeongdo Bridge : City Bus No.135(The bus enters into KMOU campus)
  • From Busan Station : City Bus No. 88, 101(Please get off the station near the entrance of KMOU)
  • From Gimhae International Airport(Airport Limousine) : Gimhae International Airport(Get on)→ Jungang-dong(Get off) → City Bus No.88, 101 → KMOU
    * If you get on the bus going to Taejongdae, please get off the station near the entrance of KMOU and then get on the shuttle bus or walk to KMOU.
  • At the entrance of the University there is a big anchor, the first building on the right is A1 Building and the exam centre is located in the building next to it (A2 - College of International Studies)

Emergency Contact: Mr Enrico D'agostini, MICS  / Mrs. So Hyun Jo

Emergency Telephone: +82 10 - 3016 1984