Examination timetable, July 2020

Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers COVID 19 - Postponed May Examination Session in July 2020.

The Institute is continuously monitoring the ongoing situation with the Coronavirus, as the safety and welfare of students, tutors and invigilators is our primary concern. We intend to proactively minimise the disruption caused by the virus and ensure that students are not unduly held back.

For the majority of students/ exam locations, the May 2020 examination session has been postponed to July 2020 where possible.

We will only run one examination session per location.

Please checke below the timetable for May 2020 Examination Session and for the Postponed May 2020 Examination session in JULY.

Postponed July Examination Session

Monday 6th July

09.30hrs - 12.30hrs    Logistics and Multi-Modal Transport

13.30hrs - 16.30hrs    Liner Trades

Tuesday 7th July

09.30hrs - 12.30hrs     Introduction to Shipping

13.30hrs - 16.30hrs     Shipping Business

Wednesday 8th July

09.30hrs - 12.30hrs    Economics of Sea Transport and International Trade

13.30hrs - 16.30hrs    Dry Cargo Chartering

Thursday 9th July

09.30 - 12.30hrs        Ship Sale & Purchase

13.30hrs - 16.30hrs     Legal Principles in Shipping Business

Monday 13th July

09.30hrs - 12.30hrs    Offshore Support Industry

13.30hrs - 16.30hrs    Port Agency

Tuesday 14th July

09.30hrs - 12.30hrs    Ship Operations and Management

13.30hrs - 16.30hrs    Tanker Chartering

Wednesday 15th July

09.30hrs - 12.30hrs    Shipping Finance

13.30hrs - 16.30hrs    Port and Terminal Management

Thursday 16th July

09.30hrs - 12.30hrs    Shipping Law

13.30hrs - 16.30hrs    Marine Insurance