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Update 11 September 2018


MI Date
Lesson 1 26/09/2018
Lesson 2 10/10/2018
Lesson 3 24/10/2018
Lesson 4 07/11/2018
Lesson 5 05/12/2018
Lesson 6 19/12/2018


MI Date
Lesson 7 06/02/2019
Lesson 8 20/02/2019
Lesson 9 06/03/2019
Lesson 10 20/03/2019
Lesson 11 03/04/2019
Lesson 12 FINAL CLASS 01/05/2019


ICS TUTOR - Jae Sundaram
Jae Sundaram
Jae Sundaram is a Senior Lecturer in International trade & Maritime law. A dual qualified lawyer, Jae practised for a number of years before taking to academics. He specialised in Maritime Law and International Trade Law in his LLM and taught at the University of Plymouth before moving to Buckingham. He teaches International Trade and Maritime Law, Law of World Trade, and Commercial Conflict of Laws in the LLM Programme. He also teaches Law of Torts and Law of Contracts in the LLB Programme.
His research interests focus on Maritime Law, International Trade, World Trade, Commercial Conflict of Laws, and Law of Armed Conflict.



Marine Insurance
MI 2015 - COVER

Foreword by Chris Adams

Head of Loss Prevention, Steamship Mutual

ISBN 978-1-911328-04-9

Pages: 283