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DCC Date
Lesson 1 03/10/2018
Lesson 2 17/10/2018
Lesson 3 31/10/2018
Lesson 4 14/11/2018
Lesson 5 12/12/2018
Lesson 6 17/12/2018 (previously 19/12/2018)


DCC Date
Lesson 7 13/02/2019
Lesson 8 27/02/2019
Lesson 9 13/03/2019
Lesson 10 27/03/2019
Lesson 11 10/04/2019
Lesson 12 FINAL CLASS 01/05/2019


ICS TUTOR - Susan Oatway FICS
Susan Oatway FICS
Susan is the current vice chair of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers and as such sits on Executive and Controlling Council.
Susan started her career at P&O Bulk shipping, straight after graduation, where she had a number of senior planning and commercial roles.
She joined Drewry in 1997 and has extensive experience of working for customers in the marine field, including shipping companies, financial institutions and other institutional clients or advisors.  This work covers a wide spectrum including market studies, valuations and strategic planning.
She is the editor of Drewry's Annual Multipurpose Report and co-author of Reefer Shipping.
She provides advice to other team members on all aspects of dry bulk shipping and is a regular speaker at breakbulk and dry cargo conferences.
Susan lectures on Dry Cargo Chartering to students wishing to take the Institute's qualifying exams and is passionate about imparting her knowledge of all things dry bulk to the next generation.




Dry Cargo Chartering
DCC 2017 - COVER

Foreword by

Paul C. Over, Director, Nyika Ltd, Bedt Ltd (Baltex),

Asia Maritime Pacific Agencies Ltd, Carisbrooke Ltd

and Epic Gas Ltd

ISBN 978-1-911328-03-2

Pages: 330