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Evening Classes Format

LSS - BANNER - Evening Classes



Our Classes are structured to cover the subject syllabus within 12 sessions.

Classes take place from 6:30pm to 8:30pm and are scheduled in two semesters:

Semester 1: from late September to mid December.

Semester 2: from late February to early May.


Lesson Plan

Each class is clearly planned to coer the topics as per the Institute syllabus.

The small groups will allow for interaction with tutor and other peers and Q&A time.



Assignments submitted by students wll be marked accordingly by the tutor.

Mock exam will be also included during the final part of the course.


Learning materials

Institute course books are an essential aid to students taking Institute exams. However our coursebooks are also valued worldwide by firms who aquire them as a reference for day to day work. Chack our dedicated website -  shippingbooks.com - to check the whole series.

Other Course materials included exclusively in our bundle: lesson plan and handouts provided by the tutor ass well as working notes to write assignements.


Additional benefits

Networking - group study opportunity

Institute PREP available at discounted price.